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Glitter Pantomimes was formed in 2010 by Mark Walters and Martin Holland, with a strong vision of creating a unique, high quality scenery and costume hire company that would service the pantomime industry for both professional theatres and amateur dramatics. Simply put, we specialise in everything Pantomime has to offer to create that magical experience that children and adults alike love! From sets, costumes and props to music, scripts and special effects, we are an all inclusive, one stop shop for Panto.

At the fore front of Glitter is Set and Costume Designer Mark Walters. Mark is a well established professional theatre designer, working in the industry for over 15 years and with a highly regarded reputation for his pantomime designs at theatres throughout the UK. Overseeing the entire design operation from inception through to completion, Mark utilises his wealth of experience and expertise to deliver the best possible service .

Here at Glitter, every set, costume and prop has been personally designed by Mark, giving the company its own unique in house style and attention to detail that is rarely seen within the theatre hire industry. By working at this level, it allows us to add additional designs to any of our sets and costumes, working closely with clients and their chosen script to explore all of their wants and needs. Ultimately, this enables us to give the customer more choice and greater freedom to achieve what you want, with a finished product that seamlessly fits together within your space and works as one with all of our existing designs.

If we’ve captured your imagination and you would like to know more, have a browse over our available to hire pages, where you’ll find an abundance of images taken from many of our available sets and costumes. If you have any specific questions or would like further information on what Glitter Pantomimes can do for you, then please visit our ‘contact us’ page and let the magical journey into the world of Panto begin!

Glitter currently has a Midlands based office in Nottingham, with stores, workshop and wardrobe departments based in Liverpool. The company has a team of dedicated theatre professionals on hand including carpenters, production managers, painters, prop makers and wardrobe supervisors, who oversee every aspect and detail involved in the production process of the scenery and costumes we have available. This also includes the on going maintenance of all scenery as it is our aim to ensure that we retain the magic and wow factor that Pantomime brings to audiences on every occasion.

If you would like to find out more information about Mark Walter work please visit his personal website: http://markwalters.mstrutt.co.uk


May 14, 2013 by Anne Morley Priestman

Mark Walters has produced a succession of fine sets and the costumes...



May 14, 2013 by Nick Dines

Mark Walters’ set excels, as Arabia makes way for the bustling streets of Old ...


Dick Whittington

May 14, 2013 by Mary Redman

There’s ornate pseudo Pugin decoration for Mark Walters’ sparkling panto ...


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