Our main aim here at Glitter Pantomimes is clear and simple;

To provide the best quality scenery, costumes and props for hire for both professional and amateur companies, at affordable prices with an ever increasing portfolio of hand crafted pieces available for all needs, whether large or small.
We believe that for many people, pantomime is their first venture into the world of theatre, which is why we feel it is even more important that that first experience is spectacular one that provides memories which stay with you forever.

All of our sets and costumes are made to the highest of standards and have been designed as interchangeable and adaptable pieces to work as stand alone items for the smaller venue, and as full scale productions for large theatres. This ultimately offers you, the customer, more choice and better value for money, providing what you need within your given scale and budget.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who design, build, paint and maintain everything we have available to hire and in doing so, we know that everything we deliver to you is always of the highest professional standard.

Here at Glitter Pantomimes, we enjoy working with small scale amateur productions just as much as we do large professional theatre productions, aiming to provide you with as much or as little professional support as you need for your production, meeting your needs in every detail.
To make the planning of your production run as smoothly as possible, we have available scaled models and technical drawings of all of our sets to aid you when planning and working through your scripts. We also have full colour costume drawings available for all of our costumes, providing the customer with the ability to pick and choose what they feel is most suitable for their production.

We have selected a fantastic team of industry professionals that are passionate about this genre of theatre, where every job is executed with the same high standards and attention to detail. No job is too small and we will never compromise on quality. Simply put, if we don’t believe it will work for you or look as good as it should then we won’t send it out. This is something we strongly believe in here at Glitter, and is what we proudly believe sets us apart from other Pantomime hire companies.